I hate talking about myself. That’s what I came up with after staring at a blank About page for a lot longer than I’d care to admit. And before you start to wonder, it’s not humility. And it’s not from an enlightened sense that we should all be less self-centered. I’m impressed by people who can speak to their own talents. I rarely judge them for that. But me? No. No, when Douglas Humphries talks about what he’s good at, it’s conceit. It’s from an overblown, and inherently idealized, sense of self. At least, that’s what my brain tells me, or parts of it. But I know that’s wrong. I know this is something I have to get better at. And how do you get better? Practice. Practice. Practice.
So, here goes:

I used to describe myself as a writer with a day job. It was my attempt at being witty, barely masking a desire that one day writing would be my day job. And while that still isn’t true, I’ve learned, and am learning, that it doesn’t really matter. That nobody gets to tell you when you can call yourself something like “writer”. That “day job” is just as much an inadequate stand-in for who you are and what you do as anything else.
And, most of all, that About pages don’t have to be perfect, and they shouldn’t be permanent.
So, here’s me.
Douglas Humphries.
Writer. Awkward Social Media Person. Amateur Voiceover Actor.
If you want to know about me, read what I write. Trust me, there’s not a whole lot that I leave between the lines.
I know some things, but I don’t pretend to be an expert, and I’m learning I don’t have to. I’m a perpetual student, holder of useless degrees, and someone who struggles with creativity constantly. Which brings us to here.
My little corner of the Internet.
A place for my thoughts, my ideas, my creative works. A place I can offer what I know on the off chance someone can learn something from it. A place to learn and grow.
Words. Voice. Creativity. It’s all a journey, and I’m walking it.
Join me?


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